Our consortium brings together highly experienced technicians utilizing state of the art equipment in our 15,000 square foot facility. Our clientele ranges from individual offices to 300+ practice groups. Along with your Blue Sky Bio custom abutments, we specialize in BruxZir, Emax, Sculpture Plus, Lava, and Porcelain Fused Metal.
Along with the traditional model and scanner process, we also offer a Model-less process where you can use a Guidance coping to take an impression with and send only the impression with the bite registration. You keep coping for future cases.
contact Guidance Dental to learn more. (562) 315-5900
Model-less Impression Method (No intraoral scanner)
Take a triple tray impression with a Guidance coping/scanbody engaged in the implant system. Mail the triple tray only (keep the coping) and a BSB custom abutment blank*.
Intraoral Scanning
Use a Guidance coping/scanbody and upload your file via ORDER ONLINE.
*Additional $40 fee will apply if you would like Guidance to get the BSB custom abutment blank for you. Shipping is not included.
Each Guidance Dental Custom Abutment is Designed Specifically for your Blue Sky Bio Dental Implant