Guidance Surgical Kit
GD Precision Surgical Guide
Guidance Provisional Crown
Guidance Coping
Guidance Crowns and Bridges
GD Precision Surgical Guide
Experience the next level of surgical guides with Guidance Dental's Surgical Guide. Our precision technology mitigates dimensional discrepancies from scanning, printing, and digital alignment adjustments.
PMMA Provisional Crown
A precision crafted temporary crown, designed and modeled specifically to each patient.
Guidance Coping
Thanks to the unparalleled high precision of Guidance CT technology, Guidance zirconium bridges reach a new level of fidelity and exactitude.
Zirconium Crown
Guidance zirconium crowns are made with top quality blocks using an ample sintering process. Not only are they mechanically sound and durable, they also provide high translucency for improved aesthetics.
Zirconium Bridge
Thanks to the unparalleled high precision of Guidance CT technology, Guidance zirconium bridges reach a new level of fidelity and exactitude.
Custom Abutment with Zirconium Crown
Guidance custom abutments can make the implant restoration much more like a true tooth. The natural emergence profile will provide better aesthetics and ease hygenic maintenance, alleviating negative effects of cement.
E.max Crown
E.max restorations can be milled using a Guidance scan. Although compressive strength is lower than zirconium, they provide higher translucency.
Impressions are all you need to start your implant or surgical guide order

Orthodontic Scanning
Get rid of clutter in your office and quit worrying about losing your models! Send your orthodontic models to us, and we’ll digitize them into mesh (STL) files. You can also send us your PVS impression so you don’t even have to make models any more.
Restoration Design and Adjustment
Using digital impressions, our 3D modeling experts finely tune restoration designs for outstanding fit, alignment, and appearance.
Milling and Fabrication
We can even handle your restoration fabrication needs using one of our quality affiliated partners to provide you an easy end-to-end solution.
Get Started!
Once your impressions are received, your case begins processing. It's that simple.

Why Guidance Dental?

For hundreds of years, dentists and technicians have used plaster stone models to fabricate dental restorations. Though current impression materials such as polyvinyl siloxane and polyether can provide excellent dimensional accuracy, the expansion of stone and discrepancy occurring with manipulation of stone models produce dental restorations that fit poorly and need chair side adjustments.

See the Difference

Using our high resolution Guidance Scanner, we can actually measure and illustrate stone expansion and contraction. Unlike stone models, our scan technology provides consistent dimensional accuracy, which is the foundation for well fitting, high precision restorations. Because we do not have to pour stone or wait until it hardens, you receive reliable final restorations of exceptional seat and fit in a fraction of the time over conventional methods.

micro CT images showing the actual stone expansion: the white striae on the left side are the expanded part of stone model.
Guidance coping and implant restoration

You can take triple tray impressions with Guidance copings (please provide us with implant manufacturer, type and size). Unlike current impression and restoration systems requiring impressions with coping or a scan body per each arch, no individual tray or open tray techniques are needed. With Guidance, fixture location, orientation, custom abutments, and restorations are designed precisely and digitally using our 3D model. Per your request, final restorations are finished in cement type or screw retained type.